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Draft and file higher impact Utility Patents, Right-First-Time…

using The Schwartz Method (TSM), as taught in ¬†the ‚ÄúUtility Patenting for IP SAVVYS‚ÄĚ book

"Close the patenting skills gap for your innovation team and accelerate down the patent learning curve together to file right-first-time. How? ¬†Get everyone on the same page with my ‚ÄúUtility Patenting for IP SAVVYS‚ÄĚ book.¬†IP SAVVYS¬†is a must read for anyone in the utility patent hunt, from Innovator to Patent Counsel to CEO. ¬†The book, part of our IP SAVVY Tools Collection, ¬†focuses solely on utility patenting and teaches¬†The Schwartz Method(TSM) for airtight patent drafting."‚ĶDavid Charles Schwartz, author & course creator.

Embrace The Schwartz Method (TSM)…the only subject matter independent standard for drafting, filing, and prosecuting Utility Patents: Read the IP SAVVY Book in one sitting (get the book below).

 About the IP SAVVY Tools Collection

Our book and course focus solely on drafting utility patents

  • Discover¬†why TSM Utility Compliant Invention Disclosures are best at¬†capturing non-obvious elements of your preferred embodiment.
  • Be surprised at how non-provisional patent applications are complete at the same time as the market ready product,¬†de-risked from Fatal Office Action Rejections BEFORE¬†filing.¬†
  • Simplify prosecution by not having to add new matter or change claim scope¬†since TSM drafted patents were readily reviewed, definite, unambiguous, with properly scoped claims.
  • Benefit from being¬†first¬†to¬†secure a notice of¬†allowance with patents that publish with¬†clean file wrappers.
  • Realize the benefits of using Schwartz‚Äôs critical thinking guidance and tips to re-focus all of your patenting conversations.¬†Adopt TSM for¬†your entire invention disclosure,¬†drafting, filing, and prosecution work flow.¬†

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It provides the complete "Utility Patenting for IP SAVVYS book w/Part1- MPEP demystified & Part 2- Drafting using TSM (218pp pdf & eBook). In one sitting, learn the in's and out's of changing your conversations with both Patent Counsel & the Examiner. Access the book in your private library on our LMS PDF $12.95 

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The FULL Starter-Kit includes the complete "Utility Patenting for IP SAVVYS" book (both Part 1 & Part 2 pdf & eBook). It includes a detailed explanation on how to avoid FOARS before filing. You will be drafting & filing on your invention in less than 30 days using your own IP. Access the FULL Starter-Kit in your private library on our LMS . $19.95 

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Tap into the accomplished innovator, featured as  your IP SAVVYS book author and IP-BC on-line course creator.

If you selected the IP SAVVYS Book or Starter-Kit you found a complete explanation of TSM as taught in the multi-level IP-BC Course.

Go further. The IP-BC Course provides more in-depth treatment and is structured in LEVELS for each "role/title/tasking" on your utility patenting team.

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Explore the IP SAVVYS/TSM Approach to Utility Patenting

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*What is TSM?
Why Use TSM?
How TSM Works
TSM Playbook
SAVVY Author
TSM Summary

When you’re ready to save >70% of your utility patent expense, especially during prosecution, become IP SAVVY with TSM. Apply TSM as a team to get into the IP-Zone...earn your patent stripes together and secure impact patents.

Join our many satisfied customers that have already taken Schwartz/TSM on their patenting journey through the IP corridor of uncertainty. 

If you haven't already done so, receive delivery of your IP SAVVYS tools: 

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What is TSM?  The Schwartz Method 

The Schwartz Method is a one-of-a-kind, MPEP (Manual of Patent Examining Procedures) compliant  utility patent drafting technique, developed by Schwartz and taught in the IP SAVVYS book and IP-BC course.

  • TSM is a¬†set of procedures that provide an unambiguous and¬†definite way to draft and publish an airtight Utility Patent. Surely a coveted¬†"HOLY GRAIL‚ÄĚ.
  • TSM offers¬†a process that "begins with the end in mind",¬†by requiring the drafting of Utility Compliant Disclosures (UCDs) instead of simple Invention Disclosures(IDs).
  • TSM is¬†a universal, subject matter independent drafting technique¬†that¬†ensures the disclosure of key patentable elements of the latest, best mode, Preferred Embodiment (PE).
  • TSM¬†uses a¬†unique, reusable, iterative¬†‚Äúinside-out‚ÄĚ drafting sequence¬†to form comprehensive invention disclosures that expose, capture, and claim "the inventive step".
  • TSM ensures at least one novel and non-obvious claim, recognizing that what you see in a published MPEP patent is not "how you get it".
  • TSM embeds incremental claiming in each ideation step of the product development life cycle¬†using Schwartz‚Äôs Big Bang Theory (BBT) of invention formation.

Schwartz honed TSM, pro se, as sole/lead inventor on over 30 of his own utility patents comprising more than 250 non-infringed claims, across a diverse range of utility patent classifications.  

Use it with Patent Counsel to anticipate and de-risk your specification and claims from Fatal Office Action Rejections(FOARs), before filing.

Use it with the Examiner during prosecution to secure your best possible claim scope and to publish with a clean file wrapper.

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Why Use TSM?

When you learn and apply TSM you will never give Patent Counsel a simple Invention Disclosure(ID) again. If asked for a simple ID,  provide a TSM Utility Compliant Disclosure (UCD) instead.

  • TSM ensures your lead inventors understand what a utility compliant disclosure (UCD) is comprised of¬†so they can review final drafts¬†and¬†ensure¬†claim scope is tied to an unambiguous and definite specification.
  • TSM formulated patents de-risk from FOARs before filing and prosecute to Notice Of Allowance (NOA) without adding new matter,¬†publishing with clean file wrappers.
  • When your TSM certified patents issue and are scrutinized, they stand the test of time and persist as¬†real assets with¬†Strategic Competitive Advantage (SCA).

If you organize your utility patenting processes using TSM, your conversations with your IP team, Patent Counsel, and the Examiner change for the better.  

You focus and engage solely on the substantive, patentable matter that has the most value, using clearer, positive, unambiguous, and definite language.

Use the  IP SAVVYS approach to patenting and quickly see how to save more than 70% on drafting and prosecution expenses. 

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How Does TSM Work?

How? TSM is integrated into your product life-cycle, allowing you to always be claiming. Non-provisional applications drop out of the shoot with airtight patent specifications and claims:

  • First: TSM employs what we call the Utility Compliant invention Disclosure (UCD).¬†UCDs are different than simple Invention Disclosures. They capture¬†non-obvious elements of your¬†best mode preferred embodiment in language understood by your lead inventors.
  • Then:¬†¬†TSM iterates¬†to select your best and final UCD¬†for preparing a non-provisional patent application¬†de-risked from Fatal Office Action Rejections (FOARs) before filing.¬†
  • Next: With TSM, when it's time to review your TSM drafted patent, they're¬†more readily reviewed and approved¬†because the lead inventors understand claim scope.
  • When: the application is¬† filed, it's¬†airtight and¬†right-first-time, simplifying¬†prosecution by not having to add new matter or narrow claims.
  • With TSM¬†You Can:¬†enjoy being¬†¬†first¬†to¬†secure a notice of¬†allowance for your¬†published patent¬†with properly scoped claims¬†and a clean file wrapper.
  • When you get onboard:¬†as a set of best practices, TSM can be your standard for patenting, serving throughout your entire drafting, filing, and prosecution.

Realize the benefits of using Schwartz’s critical thinking guidance and tips to re-focus all of your patenting conversations.

If you choose this path, consider the IP-BC on-line course, offered in LEVELS aligned with your team’s utility patent role/title/tasking.

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TSM Playbook:  Get Everyone Into the IP-ZONE

You're in the IP-ZONE when all understand the requirements for MPEP compliant filings. TSM’s universal language and guiding principles are your pathway there.  When everyone on the team learns and applies the same IP SAVVYS/TSM playbook, you’re there.

  • Best way to start: Get the FULL Starter-Kit¬†(includes the¬†book)‚Ķassign it as reading to your team - then review lessons learned.
  • Ensure that your¬†lead inventors understand how a complete disclosure must include at least one¬†clearly formed unambiguous and definite ‚Äúlayman‚Äôs claim‚ÄĚ that they understand.
  • This single transformation in "group think" will change all of your¬†patenting conversations on your ‚Äúpathway to patentship‚Ä̂Ķthe sequence of steps to final draft review, approval, filing, and successful prosecution¬†.¬†
  • You will be able to complete and approve final drafts without hesitation,¬†with patent invoices that are readily understood and tied to authorized, substantive matters.
  • You will submit claims on only¬†true/winning preferred embodiments, the single and most important step you will take to avoid adding new matter, eliminating ugly and expensive prosecution at the patent office.
  • When you discuss¬†TSM filings with your Examiner, seeking¬†a Notices of Allowance (NOA), you will emerge from the fray with a clean File Wrapper (FW).

Use TSM every step of the way to secure your biggest cost reductions…on greater than 70% of your patent spend…win the race by integrating TSM into your product development life-cycle. 

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Your Author is David Schwartz

Schwartz is a serial innovator, pro se sole-inventor, and was holder of a portfolio of global utility patents including the first patent on a "surface computer". As a successful entrepreneur, he founded 3 start-up companies and  licensed his patents world-wide.

David authored IP SAVVYS to explain his entire TSM method, based on direct experience pro se, drafting, filing, and prosecuting to notice of allowance over 250 claims across diverse subject matter classifications.  

Previously only available in his self-paced, multi-level IP-BC patent drafting course,¬†he shares the secrets of how to secure airtight utility patents using his TSM technique in this 218pp, one-sitting read. ¬†IP SAVVYS will become one of your most important desk reference books next to Nolo‚Äôs Pressman ‚ÄúPatent It Yourself‚ÄĚ.

Schwartz is not an attorney and that is the reason this book is complementary to other patent resources crafted by legal shamans. ¬†He delivers the ‚ÄúInventor Point of View‚ÄĚ on utility patenting¬†in straight, no nonsense, non-legalese language. Use his IP SAVVY tools to demystify utility patenting and re-focus otherwise expensive ‚Äúconversations‚ÄĚ with Patent Counsel and¬†Examiner.

  • IP SAVVYS provides a complete explanation of The Schwartz Method (TSM) for utility patenting with all forms and steps.
  • IP SAVVYS shares¬†the secret sauce of patent drafting so you can¬†talk to your Patent Counsel and the PTO Examiner in language they understand.
  • It discloses¬†the trade secrets of ¬†how Patent Counsel and Examiner really work so you can turn the tables upside down.¬†

As champion,  read it in one sitting, share it with your team, and get everyone into the  IP SAVVYs.

Schwartz, a gifted instructor,  originally known for creating, teaching and delivering the complete, on-line, multi-level Intellectual Property BoostCamp course (IP-BC) is now recognized as the author of the all-in-one IP SAVVYS book, sharing the universal language and guiding principles for drafting high impact utility patents.

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Summary: Know the Rules of MPEP Compliance

IP SAVVYS ensures, upfront, that everyone is on the same page about MPEP (Manual of Patent Examination Procedures) utility patent compliance.

TSM is for the champion innovator/inventor on the utility patenting team, as well as for all the IP hunters in-between.

Use TSM to follow Schwartz's ABC rule: Always Be Claiming.

In your¬†"race to the Patent Office‚ÄĚ take the time, in just one sitting, to ensure everyone learns the universal patenting¬†language and guiding principles of¬†the Patent Counsel and Examiner ‚Äúshamans‚ÄĚ.

Take advantage of Schwartz's easy to understand, non-legalese explanation of MPEP patent compliance. Then, see how TSM is used to draft invention disclosures that are utility patent compliant. Secure finally approved drafts that are de-risked from FATAL OFFICE ACTION REJECTIONS (FOARs) BEFORE FILING.

Use IP SAVVYS to make sure you know what you thought you knew, and to learn what you really need to know about airtight utility patent preparation. 

  • IP SAVVYS¬†delivers¬†a complete, stand-alone explanation of The Schwartz Method (TSM).
  • The book¬†includes¬†all of the checklists and forms you will need to draft final patent applications that avoid Fatal Office Action Rejections.
  • See how to make¬†utility patent compliant disclosures and non-provisional filings faster than you thought possible.

-> Use the book to  "re-focus and re-start" your race to the patent you can be First-To File...Right-First-Time.

-> Use the book as a pre-read/pre-requisite for the IP-BC course level most closely aligned to your utility patenting role and tasking. 

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Tap into the accomplished innovator, featured as  your IP SAVVYS book author and IP-BC on-line course creator.

The IP SAVVYS Starter-Kit provides a complete explanation of TSM as taught in the multi-level IP-BC Course. The IP-BC Course provides more in-depth treatment and is structured in LEVELS for each "role/title/tasking" on your utility patenting team.

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My patenting life will never be the same and it’s all thanks to you Dave!

“Dave, I have carefully read your book cover to cover and I want to tell you that it was an amazing read. It was clear, well written, organized and extremely informative. Most importantly, it gave me a sense of empowerment, where I was previously feeling overwhelmed. That value cannot be measured.

You have resolved an initial concern I had with our internal counsel, who sent me a very early request for an invention disclosure. At the time, I thought, how could anyone truly understand the invention with the limited information they were looking for? After reading IP SAVVYS,  your TSM framework made so much more sense for developing our invention disclosure.

I learned the fundamental principle of TSM, The Schwartz Method, is to work on the patent draft at the same time as developing our preferred embodiment. I am now working to finish the IP BoostCamp online course.

Since we have gone public, I now have less than one year to file my patent. I'll be giving your book to my main teammate and co-inventor this week so we can both get on the same page.

I am so grateful to have found this resource along my patenting journey. By taking on the role of IP champion, with access to IP-BC/Advanced-Practitioner, I can credential my team to get us all into the IP-zone together.

The book is a great tool, but in combination with the course truly amazing.‚ÄĚ

Engineer and innovator

Dave taught our inventors, research - development, and engineering folks how to structure Invention Disclosures

for exchange with patent counsel as well how to ask for only substantive work. We finally understand our invoices and are saving bouquet dollars on our patent spend.

CEO of IP Centric Company

Intrapreneur at a technology company

"Years ago I downloaded a copy of the Manual for Patent Examining Procedures, and found it very heavy going in trying to try to understand the process of citing the operative structure of a patent. I found those concepts buried in civil service gobbledygook. Now, with the America Invents Act, it's first-to-file. This book gave me a comprehensive overview of utility patenting in language I could understand. The course helped me apply my new understanding of MPEP, using the the Schwartz patent rubric. Now I'm in charge of my future, filing fast, structuring and managing patent counsel tasking, and finally understanding and appreciating patent counsel invoices".

CEO of IP Centric Company

I’ve seen a transformation in how clients are providing complete,

timely Invention Disclosures that are utility patent compliant. Our clients are talking to us as IP savvy innovators. Thank you, Dave!

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Outside Patent counsel

Tap into the accomplished innovator, featured as  your IP SAVVYS book author and IP-BC on-line course creator.

The IP SAVVYS Starter-Kit provides a complete explanation of TSM as taught in the multi-level IP-BC Course. The IP-BC Course provides more in-depth treatment and is structured in LEVELS for each "role/title/tasking" on your utility patenting team.

Get FULL IP SAVVYS Starter-Kit
Get Multi-LEVEL IP-BC Course
Don't forget to download the IP SAVVYS Value Proposition and Expense Reimbursement Form
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