About the Author

"Step into your utility patenting role and make the key contributions you imagined."

Dave Schwartz, serial inventor, entrepreneur, IP-BC on-line course creator, and Utility Patenting for IP SAVVYS book author

Hi, I'm Dave Schwartz


For me, your patent success is personal

Starting Productive Environments in 1989, I pursued my first global patent, claiming a vision for "a surface computer". With Fish & Neave as our outside counsel (their name is on my first issued patent), I incurred a substantial patent spend. Given that experience, I realized if I wanted to build a portfolio of claims, I would need to proceed pro se. I learned the ropes and was able to secure and license royalty bearing sales on a portfolio of over 250 claims.

What started as a quest to invent, develop, and license those¬†patents turned into my¬†proven utility patent drafting approach, The Schwartz Method (TSM). I branded the tools ‚Äúthe IP SAVVYS‚ÄĚ approach, believing that patenting wasn‚Äôt the province of ‚Äúdummies‚ÄĚ (ref the ‚ÄúFor Dummies‚ÄĚ books).¬†

Experiencing the complete cycle from invention, to drafting/filing, to prosecution, to notice of allowance, to royalty bearing¬†claims, I was able to ‚Äúrinse and repeat‚ÄĚ. ¬†Productive Environments became a successful patent licensing venture.¬†

30 years later, I see the opportunity to close the skills gap between innovators and their patent counsel, sharing insight on what to expect ¬†‚Äúbehind the doors¬†of the IP corridor of uncertainty‚ÄĚ. ¬†I also see the¬†opportunity to accelerate patent hunters down their utility patenting learning curve¬†to be¬†first-to-file, right-first-time. ¬†¬†I‚Äôm blessed to deliver on this¬†promise as VP IP of Eservgo, sharing¬†TSM best practices for¬†drafting and filing MPEP compliant utility patent applications.

The first thing I did in my role at ¬†ESERVGO was to ¬†transform my patent drafting method (The Schwartz Method/TSM), into the IP-BC multi-LEVEL utility patenting course. ¬†Based on thoughtful feedback from colleagues, I realized¬†that the best way to acquaint potential inventors, patent applicants, and IP hunter teams with ‚Äúthe risks associated with the potholes ahead of them‚ÄĚ, ¬†was to also deliver the complete method in a book. In IP SAVVYS, I share my inside-out approach to forming airtight invention disclosures and patents. ¬†

In the words of one of my early mentors, Alan Kay (Apple chief scientist), "another point of view is worth 80 more IQ points". First and foremost, as an inventor, I am able to demystify the utility patenting gambit, offering a unique glimpse into the "shaman world of patenting". 

This is my Story 

Growing up in Brooklyn (believe it or not, Larry David was my neighbor and child hood friend when we lived in Sheepshead Bay), I often found myself inventing a way to "get out of Dodge". I wasn't like everyone else - I was really quite a nerd. After realizing that was ok, I was inspired by new ways to innovate and get positive attention. I got my break-free moment with a full tuition scholarship to Cornell University. This was my springboard to move beyond my limitations and step into the inventor I was always meant to be. With new confidence, I was free to explore technology in ways I had never imagined. I continued on to MIT for my MSEE in computer science and then on to BU's Graduate School of Management for an MBA.

After years as an intrapreneur (my last position was in 1989 as Director in the Artificial Intelligence division of Texas Instruments), I started the¬†"innovation part" of my career. ¬†This allowed me to pursue my vision as a¬†serial inventor, entrepreneur, and company founder. During the¬†20 years as company founder, I drafted and filed my¬†patents pro se, secured a global portfolio (including the seminal patent on ‚Äúa surface computer‚ÄĚ), and licensed¬†over 250 non-infringed claims for royalty bearing sales. I worked closely with Patent Counsel and PTO Examiners first hand. By having done so, I can now bring a completely ‚ÄúInventor Point of View" to the patent drafting, prosecution, and publishing process. Even though I‚Äôm not an attorney (I did take and pass the USPTO patent agent exam), the secret sauce of the IP SAVVYS approach is the "legal lessons" I teach¬†from the inventor's perspective.¬†

Based on my experience at Productive Environments, I started Productive Education and the patent training division Eservgo, where I converted my proven system into a "utility patenting course" for CEO's, innovators,  and every IP hunter in between. Unexpectedly, it turned out there was a dual opportunity to offer patent counsel insights on how to talk to their innovative clients...especially how to get them better organized with MPEP compliant invention disclosures.

We found that the IP SAVVYS approach allowed each member of the innovation team to step into their role & tasking and confidently show up with game changing conversations for patent acquisition. By changing execution steps, mutually aligning goals, and re-focusing on substantive work, the result was patent outcomes like never before possible.

The 218pp IP SAVYS book is a complete explanation of "The Schwartz Method" (TSM), accessible to any CEO, innovator, or patent counsel in one reading. It is a standalone resource to learn, apply, and use TSM to unlock your invention's potential in the form of a utility patent with sustainable competitive advantage. Read the book, then use it along side the self-paced IP-BC course to further your results. Re-focus your IP workflows with TSM and connect inventing, product development, and patenting. Get everyone into the IP-Zone and collaborate, align IP goals, draft, and file like never before.

My book and course are for IP champions, either as innovators in their companies or as patent counsel. We do not offer or make patenting engagements. All patenting inquiries we receive are always referred to TSM certified patent counsel in the suitable subject matter classification. In every sense of the word, today we are an education company and do not compete with inside or outside patent counsel for client patenting engagements.

The book and course are designed to serve the conversation changing opportunity for all IP hunters. We encourage patent counsel to certify in TSM, share TSM and our Big Bang Theory of IP Capitalization (BBT) with their cohorts, improve client organization,  and prepare strong MPEP compliant invention disclosures.  Our goal is to get all players better organized, speaking the same universal patenting language, and following the guiding principles into the IP-Zone, optimizing their patent processes with TSM and BBT.

If you want to learn even more about our company and my background, you can go to "About Us" on our IP-BC Course, Learning Management System (LMS) website. The LMS is our platform for delivering and accessing all of the IP SAVVY’s content including the IP SAVVYS book, the Starter-Kits, and the IP-BC course LEVELS.  

May the Schwartz be with you as you explore and select the IP SAVVY tools best suited to your needs.